Howland/Gorham/Lothrop Family Tree

Descendants of John Howland,Sr.

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN1 HOWLAND,SR. was born 1602 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, England, and died February 23, 1672/73 in Plymouth. Ma. He married ELIZABETH TILLEY March 25, 1623 in Plymouth, Ma. She was born 1607 in Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, and died December 21, 1687 in Swansea, Bristol, Ma.

Emigration: 1620, on the Mayflower

John Howland Marker, erected in 1897, Burial Hill, Plymouth. The exact location of his grave on Burial Hill is unknown.

Emigration: 1620, on the Mayflower

Grave of Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland (Swansea, MA)

Grave of Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland

2. i. DESIRE2 HOWLAND, b. October 13, 1623, Plymouth Colony; d. October 13, 1683, Barnstable, Ma..

Generation No. 2

2. DESIRE2 HOWLAND (JOHN1) was born October 13, 1623 in Plymouth Colony, and died October 13, 1683 in Barnstable, Ma.. She married JOHN GORHAM, CAPT. November 06, 1644 in Plymouth, Ma, son of RALPH GORHAM and MARGARET STEPHENSON. He was born January 28, 1619/20 in Benefield, Northamptonshire, England, and died February 05, 1674/75 in Swansea, Bristol, Ma.

3. i. JAMES3 GORHAM, b. April 28, 1650, Marshfield, Ma; d. November 18, 1707, Barnstable, Ma.

Generation No. 3

3. JAMES3 GORHAM (DESIRE2 HOWLAND, JOHN1) was born April 28, 1650 in Marshfield, Ma, and died November 18, 1707 in Barnstable, Ma. He married HANNAH HUCKINS February 24, 1672/73 in Barnstable, Barnstable County, Ma, daughter of THOMAS HUCKINS and ROSE HILLER. She was born October 14, 1653 in Barnstable, Ma, and died February 13, 1726/27 in Barnstable, Ma.

4. i. EXPERIENCE4 GORHAM, b. July 28, 1678, Barnstable, Ma; d. December 23, 1733, Barnstable, Ma.

Generation No. 4

4. EXPERIENCE4 GORHAM (JAMES3, DESIRE2 HOWLAND, JOHN1) was born July 28, 1678 in Barnstable, Ma, and died December 23, 1733 in Barnstable, Ma. She married THOMAS LOTHRUP April 23, 1697 in Barnstable, Barnstable County, Ma, son of JOSEPH LATHROP and MARY ANSELL. He was born January 06, 1672/73 in Barnstable, Ma, and died July 23, 1757 in Barnstable, Ma.

5. i. THOMAS5 LOTHRUP, b. July 08, 1705, Barnstable, Ma; d. September 12, 1743.

Generation No. 5

5. THOMAS5 LOTHRUP (EXPERIENCE4 GORHAM, JAMES3, DESIRE2 HOWLAND, JOHN1) was born July 08, 1705 in Barnstable, Ma, and died September 12, 1743. He married DEBORAH LORING June 03, 1736.

6. i. THOMAS6 LOTHROP, b. November 09, 1738, Cohasset, Ma; d. September 04, 1813.

Generation No. 6

6. THOMAS6 LOTHROP (THOMAS5 LOTHRUP, EXPERIENCE4 GORHAM, JAMES3, DESIRE2 HOWLAND, JOHN1) was born November 09, 1738 in Cohasset, Ma, and died September 04, 1813. He married RUTH NICHOLS February 17, 1759.

7. i. ANSELM7 LOTHRUP, b. December 02, 1771, Cohasset, Ma; d. May 27, 1853, Cambridge, MA.

Generation No. 7

7. ANSELM7 LOTHRUP (THOMAS6 LOTHROP, THOMAS5 LOTHRUP, EXPERIENCE4 GORHAM, JAMES3, DESIRE2 HOWLAND, JOHN1) was born December 02, 1771 in Cohasset, Ma, and died May 27, 1853 in Cambridge, MA. He married EUNICE BURR October 22, 1794, daughter of ISAAC BURR and MARY BEAL. She was born May 01, 1774 in Cohasset, Ma, and died May 09, 1809 in Cohasset, Ma.

8. i. ANSELM8 LOTHROP II, b. September 16, 1805, Cohasset, Ma; d. July 02, 1880, Boston.

Generation No. 8

8. ANSELM8 LOTHROP II (ANSELM7 LOTHRUP, THOMAS6 LOTHROP, THOMAS5 LOTHRUP, EXPERIENCE4 GORHAM, JAMES3, DESIRE2 HOWLAND, JOHN1) was born September 16, 1805 in Cohasset, Ma, and died July 02, 1880 in Boston. He married ELIZABETH SPAULDING May 26, 1844 in Boston, Ma, daughter of HEZZAKIAH SPAULDING and SALLY LEWIS. She was born March 31, 1813 in Dracut, Ma or Shirley, Ma.

Date born 2: March 31, 1813, Dracut, Ma

Elizabeth (Spaulding) Lothrop

9. i. EMMA FRANCES9 LOTHROP, b. November 12, 1849, Boston. Ma.; d. November 13, 1925, Shirley, Ma.

Emma (Lothrop) Farnsworth

ii. HARRIET LOTHROP, b. May 07, 1845; m. EDWARD A. TALBOT.
iii. CHARLES LOTHROP, b. October 11, 1846; m. MARY HEUSTIS.
iv. CLARA M. LOTHROP, b. April 04, 1848.
v. ANGELINE M. LOTHROP, b. February 25, 1852; m. FENNO CAVERLY.

Generation No. 9

9. EMMA FRANCES9 LOTHROP (ANSELM8, ANSELM7 LOTHRUP, THOMAS6 LOTHROP, THOMAS5 LOTHRUP, EXPERIENCE4 GORHAM, JAMES3, DESIRE2 HOWLAND, JOHN1) was born November 12, 1849 in Boston. Ma., and died November 13, 1925 in Shirley, Ma. She married MELZAR VINAL FARNSWORTH April 19, 1871 in Shirley, Ma, son of SAMUEL FARNSWORTH and SARAH CARKIN. He was born February 13, 1846 in Shirley, Ma, and died January 08, 1931 in Shirley, Ma..

Melzar Farnsworth

i. ANGELINE F.10 FARNSWORTH, b. June 18, 1872, Shirley, Ma; d. 1926, Shirley, Ma.
ii. MAY F. FARNSWORTH, b. October 09, 1876, West Groton, Ma; d. 1958, Ayer, Ma; m. EDWARD WALTER MELLISH, November 26, 1894; b. May 22, 1869, Charlestown, NH Fort #4; d. 1927.

Angelina and May Farnsworth

Burial: Shirley, Ma.

Burial: Shirley, Ma.

iii. EDWARD A. FARNSWORTH, b. January 26, 1880; d. Westford; m. EDITH L., December 13.
iv. FRANK E. FARNSWORTH, b. August 08, 1881; m. BERTHA M..
v. CHARLIE LOUIS FARNSWORTH, b. November 27, 1873; d. April 09, 1894.


64 Responses to “Howland/Gorham/Lothrop Family Tree”

  1. alastair howland Says:

    I am intersed in the Howland famliy tree as i am a Howland i have trace my tree back to a Robert howland 1796.
    If anyone can help me that would be helpful.

    • Gabbi Says:

      I have a book listed on eBay “David Birge Marries Abigail Howland, their ancestors and descendants.” It traces the family back to John Howland’s landing on the Mayflower 1620. It is signed by George and Opal Birge Pixley, 1 of 200 copies printed. You may go to eBay and search on the words Birge Pixley Howland Genealogy – that will show you the listing.

      Gabbi (merry-heart)


    Hi there,


  3. victor Chapman Jr. Says:

    Dear gentlemen/ms.

    I would like to find a synopsys about Mary Denny Sargent where the Federal troops,on thier way to Concord. Stopped at Marys home Where they
    melted clock weights for ammo.

    Again,My great-great grandmother copied onto a needlework of George Washingtons offical inaugeral portrait. Georgiana Potter 1879-1905, I believe is the artist of the wall hanging. Last known in the George Hipke family of Madison Wis around 1950.

    otherwise,if I am mistaken about the date of the work:Sara Sargent 1818-1847. Or lottie Bosworth 1844-1900.

    In regards, V.J.C./ Stl.

  4. Lindsey Harding Says:

    My name is Lindsey Harding. I live in Clinton, CT. I’m related to John Howland from my Father’s Father side of the family.

    • Melanie Hubbard Says:

      Me too! My name is Melanie Hubbard. I am related to John Howland on the Hubbard side of the family (I am not married). Do you know any more about how you are related? I just wonder how closely we are related.

    • patrickgonzo Says:

      I’m also descended from John and Elizabeth Howland on my Father’s Father’s Mother’s side.

      • Jane Windell Says:

        I am descended from John and Elizabeth Howland through my paternal grandmother’s (Edna Bradbury Rowan) side of the family. Desire Howland (daughter of John & Elizabeth) married John Gorham. Gorham has come down through the family as a middle name for several generations.

  5. Sleep Better : Says:

    Family Trees are very interesting to know specially if you have a large extended family ~

  6. John D. Koehler Says:

    My fathers name was Howland Koehler and his mother was Edna Wave Howland, they were born in New Bedford, Mass but I wish I knew more about my Grandmothers family. She died at the age of 92 nd she always said she was a descendent of John Howland. She was a New England school teacher and married Henry Arthur Koehler a young missionary in the RLDS Church and from Kansas City, Mo but serving in Boston. If you casn help me or tell me where to look I’d lve to know more.


    John D. Koehler

  7. Walter Clark Says:

    My great grandmother was descended from Hope Howland (John’s daughter) who married Samuel Chipman. Four of her brothere were in
    the Union Army in the Civil War. Her great-grandfather, a Chipman, was
    in the Revolution. Her uncle was a Mormon pioneer in Utah — something
    my great-great grandfather was not altogether proud of since he had
    many wives.

  8. Stephen Schwartz Says:

    My 4th great grandmother was named Lucinda Chipman, born 1780-1789 timeframe either in CT or NY. She was married to a John Hawkins. I have been trying to determine if this Lucinda was the daughter of Thomas Chipman born in Groton, CT and died in New London, CT and his wife Rachel Moore of Long Island, NY. Thomas was a descendant of John Howland. Might anyone have any information on this Lucinda Chipman? Thank you.

  9. Patricia Mowins Says:

    Was Lydia Howland(1665-1717) married to a man named Brown or married to Jeremiah Thomas (1659-1736) . I have some information that Lydia’s name was Brown when her mother, Elizabeth Tilley Howland died in Lydia’s home in 1681.

    • Jim Brown Says:

      Lydia Howland Brown:

      My 8th-Great Grandfather James Brown born 1623 in Roxwell, Essex, England and died Sept 29, 1710 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts.
      He married Lydia Howland.
      Lydia was born Feb 1633 in Plymouth, Plymouth Massachusetts.
      They had 3 children:

      1. James Brown II b: May 21, 1655
      2. Jabez Brown
      3. Dorothy Brown

      I assumed Lydia was a descendant of John Howland? Daughter?

      Jim Brown
      Morrison, IL

    • cale dempster Says:

      My great aunt traces my lineage to John Howland directly through Lydia’s line. The notes I have are that Lydia did marry a man with the last name Brown, and had at least one child, James, who again I am descended from. James had a son, William Brown. William had a son, Noah Brown (Sr.) Noah had a son, Noah Brown (Jr.) Noah Jr. had a daughter Polley who married a man named McCloud. and that is about 6 generations back from today to her, so roughly 1775.

    • David Thomas Says:

      I am a descentant of Jeremiah Thomas and Lydia Howland. Does anyone know anything about this Lydia Howland??

  10. Roberta Howland Says:

    I am an Heir of Raymond Howland and we have always been told that we are great grandchildren of John Howland. Raymond died when my Dad was three and My dad was born in 1950. I believe Raymond was born around 1900 ish can anyone help me?!?!?!?!?

  11. hostland Says:


    Howland/Gorham/Lothrop Family Tree « D. Brousseau's Blog…

  12. e.a.opfer Says:

    Can you tell me if this line is connected to Sampson Mason in anyway. I am trying to unravel several confusing lines. Thank you.

  13. Jim Brown Says:

    Lydia Howland Brown:

    My 8th-Great Grandfather James Brown born 1623 in Roxwell, Essex, England and died Sept 29, 1710 in Swansea, Bristol, Massachusetts.
    He married Lydia Howland.
    Lydia was born Feb 1633 in Plymouth, Plymouth Massachusetts.
    They had 3 children:

    1. James Brown II b: May 21, 1655
    2. Jabez Brown
    3. Dorothy Brown

    I assumed Lydia was a descendant of John Howland? Daughter?

    Jim Brown
    Morrison, IL

  14. Jim Brown Says:

    This is the info below that I have on John and Elizabeths children. Only Desire is listed above. So it’s true my 8th Great-Grandfather James Brown’s wife Lydia Howland is the daughter of John and Elizabeth Howland.
    So John and Elizabeth are my 9th Great-Grandparents!

    Desire Howland – b: 13 Oct 1623/1625 Barnstable, Mass.

    John Howland – b: 24 Feb 1627 Plymouth, Mass.

    Jabez Howland – b: 1628 Plymouth, Mass.

    Hope Howland – b: 30 Aug 1629 Plymouth, Mass.

    Elizabeth Howland – b: about 1632 Plymouth, Mass.

    Lydia Howland – b: about 1628 Plymouth, Mass.

    Ruth Howland
    Hannah Howland – b: about 1635 Rocky Nook, Mass.

    Joseph Howland – b: about 1637 Rocky Nook, Mass.

    Isaac Howland – b: 15 Nov 1649 Plymouth, Mass.

  15. Wanda Gayle T Says:

    I too am a descendant of John Howland thru his daughter Hope Chipman. The LDS records for John and Elizabeths childrens births vary somewhat from what you listed in the Eaton Family Tree above. Would it be possible to ask where your information originated. I do so try to make sure I have correct information for my family and would change my data if you have a church record or Plymouth documentation that gives the dates you list. Any information would be appreciated.


    my 7th Great Grandfather is Joseph Gorham, son of DESIRE HOWLAND and JOHN GORHAM. i am just finding out about all of this. 2 sets of my great Grandparents were on the Mayflower, John and Elizabeth Tilley Howland and John Tilley and his wife Elizabeth.
    I couldnt be prouder!
    Monroe L Gorham

    • Betty Says:

      Monroe, any chance you’re a descendant of John Clark Gorham? He is my great, great grandfather. I have his father as Sanford Gorham…son of John Gorham (1742) and Jenette Williamson.

    • robert scott Says:

      Hello Monore
      My name is Robert Scott
      my phone nb i 709-834-7267
      My 8th Great Grandmother was Desire Howland
      would love to talk with you

    • Jane Windell Says:

      My father is George Gorham Rowan who is related to your 7th great grandfather (& the Howland & Tilleys) through his mother’s line…Edna Bradbury Rowan.

  17. Vincent R. Howland Says:

    I’d really like to know more of my family tree. I am Vincent R. Howland, my father is David P. Howland, and his father was Vincent Paul Howland… My last name is fairly uncommon. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  18. teresa fowkes Says:

    I am looking for further information in to the Howland family, my grandfather was Douglas Howland and I have found out he is decended from john howland who sailed on the mayflower to america, so if anyone has any info it would be very valuble to my family. Xxx

  19. Bonnie Smith Says:

    My husband is a Dickinson, descendant of Elizabeth & John Howland’s daughter, Elizabeth who married Capt. John Dickinson. Their son Samuel, died in Putnam County,NY and his grandson, we believe, was Samuel B. Dickinson, a doctor, andthe doctor for Fanin’s army during the war for Texas Indepence. He is my husband’s great-great grandfather. Does anyone have info who his father and mother were. He went to college at Fairfield College in NY and was born in Bleeker, NY. Please contact us at bw.smith.2010@ gmail.

  20. David Egerton Says:

    Thank you I have traced my ancestors back to John Howland Jr. and Mary Howland (Lee). Thier granddaughter Experience Bearse married my 8th grandfather Dennis Edgerton.

    • Julia Sharpe Says:

      David, I am researching the Bearse & Bonney families for my nephew, and I have a connection to one Experience Howland (1668-1728) married James Bearce 1683 in Barnstable, Massachusetts; would your Experience Bearse be their daughter?? I do not have any record of their children as yet, hoping you may be able to give me a start!
      Julia, in Australia

  21. Judith Dobson Says:

    I am trying to trace the family tree of Leonard Howland who was married to my great grandmother Minerva Amanda Powers in later 1800’s but they divorced that union produced 2 daughters Sarah Edythe Howland and May Howland and lived in Hillsdale,MI

  22. Julia Sharpe Says:

    Can anyone assist me with information re an Elizabeth Howland -1706-1783, who married Ichabod Bonney in 1724 in Pembroke, Plymouth County. Elizabeth believed born in Marshfield, Plymouth. Would appreciate any information at all re, Howland, Bearce /Bearse families.
    Julia, Australia,

  23. Stacey Howland Liston Says:

    I’ve just recently started my family history journey. From stories told by my grandfather, we are descendants from John Howland. I’ve gotten as far as my 3 times great grandparents were Francis and Elizabeth Howland from New York. Got a little frustrated, so I had to take a break. I’m from Greenfield Ohio. Francis and Elizabeth son George is my grandpas grandfather and he and his siblings were born in Illinois but George settled in Greenfield. I love this exciting journey I’ve started!!

  24. Gwen Sharp Says:

    It seems from what I can find out that John Howland is my 11th Great Grandfather. The family line pasted below is what information I have. Can anyone tell me if it seems accurate as I am totally amazed at the possibility.

    John Howland (1602 – 1673)
    Is your 11th great grandfather

    Elizabeth Howland (1633 – 1683)
    Daughter of John Howland

    Charles Dickinson (1666 – 1740)
    Son of Elizabeth Howland

    Samuel Dickinson (1702 – 1750)
    Son of Charles Dickinson

    Christopher Dickinson (1729 – 1790)
    Son of Samuel Dickinson

    Daniel McGowan (1766 – )
    Son of Christopher Dickinson

    Agnes McGowan (1794 – 1850)
    Daughter of Daniel McGowan

    Mary Agnes Baird (1825 – 1883)
    Daughter of Agnes McGowan

    Sarah Wilkinson Mitchell (1843 – 1925)
    Daughter of Mary Agnes Baird

    Emma Mitchell (1865 – 1948)
    Daughter of Sarah Wilkinson Mitchell

    Maude Louise Waterman (1886 – 1963)
    Daughter of Emma Mitchell

    Marvis Belle Hollenbeck (1907 – 1993)
    Daughter of Maude Louise Waterman

    Wilma Sharp (1932 – 2011)
    Daughter of Marvis Belle Hollenbeck

    Gwendolynn Sharp
    Daughter of Willma Sharp

    Thank you so much
    Gwen Sharp

    • Eaton Family Tree Says:

      Hi Gwen.
      I am not familiar with that branch so I cannot tell you if it is accurate or not, but one thing that stands out is that you have Daniel McGowen as the son of Christopher Dickinson, and I think it is odd to have father and son with different last names.

    • Dorothy J. Smith Says:

      I hate to burst your bubble but my John Dickinson and Elizabeth Howland had no son named Charles Dickinson
      Charles was from Rhode Island and John and Elizabeth were NOT in Rhode Island they went from Massachusetts to Long Island, NY and their children all married well most in Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY. Children were
      Elizabeth, Joseph, Mercy, Jabez, Lydia, Samuel, Merhitabel, Hannah and James.
      I am a direct descendant of John and Elizabeth . John Dickinson was also married Mary Taylor in 1638 in Barnstable she was born in 1606 in Ely, Cambridge, England and d 1646 in Salisbury Essex co, Ma they had 3 children Mary b 1640 and she married John Rowe,
      James b 1641
      John b 1642 in Salisbury Ma and d 1683
      John Dickinson was born1602 in Ely Cambridge, England to William Dickinson b 1570 in Portsmouth, England and d 1629 in Ely, England he married Sarah Stacy in 1594 in Ely she b 1570 in Ely and d 1629 in Ely.
      William comes from Thomas, Richard, William, John, William, Hugh, Thomas, Richard, and back more to Rogenwald b 820. Uplands of Norway he d 910 in Rosslyn Castle in the Orkneys.

      I have been doing my genealogy for 70 yrs now and have plenty of information on all of my families.
      I didn’t have a computer back then but did a lot writing to England, Norway, Scotland, Ireland and always received answers with no charge but I always sent them money for the postage.
      I had to do a paper when I was 14 in high school and that got me started. I still have plastic containers full of information and more books etc. And I was able to question all of the old timers way back then even when we would go to my Mum’s home town in New Brunswick.

  25. Hannah wolnek Says:

    He is my 11 x great grandfather. I am Hannah Wolnek.

  26. Mary Sanford Drexler Says:

    John Howland (Mayflower Passenger) is my 11th great grandfather.

    Arthur Sanford my father
    Edna Lucy Lampman Sanford his mother
    Mary Luvilla Nicholson Lampman her mother
    Lucy Lake Nicholson her mother
    William Lake her father
    Elizabeth Mathews Lake his mother
    David Mathews her father
    James Mathews his father
    Murial Sturgis Mathews his mother
    James Sturgis her father
    Temperance Gorham Sturgis his mother
    Desire Howland Gorham her mother
    John Howland her father

  27. Dragonfly Says:

    I am descended from FOUR of Desire Howland’s children and also from Hope Howland, another daughter of John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley. They are my 9th great-grandparents. Nice to meet you, cousin!

  28. Debbie Horn-Davis Says:

    I am descended from Hope Howland, Chipman , daughter of John and Elizabeth Tilley as well. I just recently researched this and found it very exciting. Everyone always jokes about their family coming over on the Mayflower and I still can’t hardly believe mine did! Hi other cousins!

    • David Brown Says:

      Hi Debbie.My wife Susan Howland is a cousin. My father in-law passed He was Wendell Howland I have boxes and boxes of Howland family papers and books it is overwhelming.We live in Cazenovia NY. A lot of our info’ is from Little Compton Mass.

  29. Lesia Says:

    John Howland is my Great(x12) Grandfather. A direct ancester of mine.

  30. Raymond Bassford Says:

    I’m a descendant of Jabez Gorham, son of Desire and John. I think I’ve read that there are about 35 million of us who have descended from those who traveled on the Mayflower. Anyone have any other information on this number? Ray

    • Eaton Family Tree Says:

      Yes, you are right. 12% of the US population.

    • Mary Sanford Drexler Says:

      I am directly connected to a number of Mayflower families. The most prolific is Richard Warren my 9th great grandfather. All of Richard Warren’s children survived to adulthood, married, and had large families: making Richard Warren one of the most common Mayflower passengers to be descended from.
      John Howland, “Mayflower” Passenger is my 11th great grandfather.
      He arrived on the Mayflower as a servant to the Carver family. The arduous voyage very nearly ended his life as he was thrown overboard, but managed to grab a topsail and was hauled back aboard safely. The Carver family with whom John lived, survived the terrible sickness of the first winter, during which many Pilgrims died. But the following spring, on an unusually hot day in April, Governor Carver, according to William Bradford, came out of his cornfield feeling ill. He passed into a coma and died. His wife, Kathrine, died soon after her husband. The Carvers had no children. For this reason, Howland is thought to have inherited their estate. Howland married Elizabeth Tilley, by then a young lady of seventeen and the daughter of John Tilley and his wife Joan (Hurst) Rogers. Her parents had died the first winter and she had become the foster daughter of Governor Carver and his wife who were childless. By then he had prospered enough to also bring his brothers Arthur and Henry to the colony as well, solidly establishing the Howland family in the New World. John and his wife Elizabeth had ten children, all of whom lived and had descendants

      • Eaton Family Tree Says:

        I am descended from John Howland on my mother’s side and his brother Henry on my father’s side. Henry and Arthur Howland were Quakers, whom the Pilgrim detested. John Howland was not really one of the Pligrims but he took up their faith since he was among them and married one.

  31. Shirley ruggles-Sullivan Says:

    Very intersting. I am a descendant of John and Elizabeth (Tilly) Howland through Hope and John Chipman Visit Plymouth museum for editions on all Howland family members.

    • Eaton Family Tree Says:

      If you go to the Howland Society website you will see that, for a $25 fee, you can submit your line to them and they will tell you how much has already been proved. They had serveral generation of my line document. Which means that I just have to prove then remaining 7 or 8 generation if I want to join their society.

      • Bob Scott Says:

        Hello thanks for your email I am a descendant through Desire and John Gorham I became member of the John Howland Society last year. Thank you Robert ps I rang the John Howland Bell last year, and have a video of the bell. Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 01:42:58 +0000 To:

  32. Addison Woodward Says:

    Does anyone know where the Howland family tree intersect with the Woodward family tree. My brother was named for his uncle Frederick Howland Woodward. I believe the Woodwards were from the massachusetts area.

  33. Karen Moon Says:

    Wow, this information has been the missing link on my maternal side. To be able to trace my history back to the Mayflower is simply amazing. I am a decedent of John and Elizabeth’s daughter Hannah. A special thanks to my cousin Janene for not giving up in her search. I know that this information has been a long time coming.

  34. Wilford Clifford Cuty, Sr Says:

    John Howland is my 10th Great Grandfather on my Mothers” (born Louise Mayside Seeley )via Chauncy w. Seeley and wife, Mary Ann Dickinson.

  35. Wilford Clifford Cuty, Sr Says:

    Correction : Mothers’ middle name is May..not mayside.

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